Stefan M. Nardi

Stefan M. Nardi grew up on a healthy diet of books, books and more books (pretty sure there was some lollies and other junk in there too). He read his first fantasy novel, Deltora Quest when he was 6 years old. Coincidently it was about the same time that his dad sat him in front of the TV and put Star Wars in the VCR. From then on he was hooked, he consumed every fantasy and science fiction novel, television show and movie he could get his hands on. He is now a self-confessed nerd and can be found most days with his eyes glued to a television or wedged firmly in the pages of a book.

Stefan is the wordsmith behind this dynamic duo. Once Jacob gives him an outline for a story, decorates it with wild abandon. Sometimes too much.



Jacob S. Nardi

Hiding in the shady corners of the internet, Jacob is the architect behind the stories. He creates the skeleton that is then flamboyantly decorated by Stefan and when Stefan goes overboard or needs a kick in the rear, Jacob is the one that reigns him in.